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‘Living with BLUE-GREEN’ Drawing Competition

Well connected with Tuen Mun, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long and Qianhai in Shenzhen, “Hung Shui Kiu/ Ha Tsuen New Development Area” (HSK/HT NDA) is one of the key components of “Northern Metropolis Development Strategy”, and serve as a “Regional Economic and Civic Hub” for the Northwest New Territories. As a new generation new town, HSK/HT NDA will create a sustainable, people-oriented and balanced community for living, working and doing business.  

Key features:

  • Develop a smart and sustainable city
  • Create employment opportunities for the new economy and achieve sustainable home-job balance
  • Create Blue-green network, revitalize river channels to connects open spaces and create community with green walkability
  • Develop a community with comprehensive facilities, including civic facilities and Government, Institution and Community (GIC) facilities
  • Provide a comprehensive transport network



HSK/HT NDA sits on a wide plain intersected by rivers, which makes the adoption of blue-green design one of the key features of the NDA. The blue-green design not only improves the aesthetic of the living environment, but also enhances the flood resilience ability of our city to respond to climate change.

The examples of blue-green design adopted for HSK/HT NDA includes:

  • To provide a continuous riverside promenade of about 5km in length and revitalise existing river channels, such as Tin Shui Wai River and Hung Shui Kiu Nullah, forming a spine of the open space framework
  • To provide a Regional Park of about 16 ha in size with a retention lake
  • To promote green living by encouraging community farming and farmers’ markets
  • To enhance cityscape and serve as buffers between developments by setting up amenity area along the pedestrian walkways and carriageways
  • To revitalise Tin Sum Channel and its tributaries and provide riverside open space to create a harmonious natural environment


Through the competition, participants will learn about blue-green design. They are welcome to unleash their creativity, express any ideas about blue-green design and the life in new town, thereby enhancing their understanding of planning the HSK/HT NDA as a sustainable new generation new town.

Entry Categories

 The competition will be conducted in two categories:

  • Junior Primary Group: for P.1 – P.3 students of primary schools
  • Senior Primary Group: for P.4 – P.6 students of primary schools

Theme of Entries

Living with BLUE-GREEN

Under the theme “Living with BLUE-GREEN”, entries should elaborate how the use of natural water resources and green space could help developing the HSK/HT NDA into a sustainable green community for living, working, and doing business.

The design concept of blue-green design adopted in HSK/HT NDA includes:

  • Revitalisation of existing river channels with a sustainable drainage system,
  • Establishment of a continuous riverside promenade connecting the open spaces,
  • Installation of flood retention facilities to enhance the community’s flood resilience ability,
  • Provision of a Green Transit Corridor and enhancement of the community walkability, and
  • Promotion of green living with community farming and farmers’ markets

Prizes & Awards

 The prizes and awards in each group

  • Champion (One): HK$2,000 & Certificate
  • 1st Runner-up (One): HK$1,500 & Certificate
  • 2nd Runner-up (One): HK$1,000 & Certificate
  • Merit Prizes (Several): HK$500 & Certificate
  • “Most-liked Artwork” by online voting (One): HK$500 & Certificate
  • Supportive School Award: Trophy

Entries of the competition may be applied at the celebration events for the 25th anniversary of establishment of the HKSAR.

Judging Panel

The Judging panel is composed of representatives of relevant departments and professionals.


Judging Criteria 

The Judging Panel will evaluate the Entries based on the following criteria:

  • correlation with the theme
  • creativeness
  • aesthetics anddrawing skills

The Entries will be uploaded to website for public voting.  The Entry getting the most number of votes will be awarded the prize of “Most-liked Artwork”.


All entries must comply with the submission requirements and formats as stated below:

  • Entry Requirement: 

(i) The Entries can be in the form of hand-drawn or computer-aided drawing.

(ii) Hand-drawn drawings must be drawn on white A4 drawing paper. There are no limitations on drawing tools.

(iii) Computer-aided drawings must be in JPEG or PNG format with at least 300 dpi and a measurement of 29.7cm x 21cm (i.e. A4 size). File size must be less than 10MB.

(iv) File size of scanned entries must be less than 10MB.

(v) Use of build-in graphic in computer software is not allowed for computer aided drawings.

(vi) Each Entry shall be submitted with descriptions of not more than 30 words in Chinese or English.

(vii) Each Participant is allowed to join ONE entry category and submit ONE entry. 

  • Submission Method:

Entries shall be submitted by 5:00pm on 14 December 2021.

 1) Fill in the Entry Form (https://forms.gle/hPryp5K74rjoWFfP6) and submit the Entry.


2) Post the Entry Form and to the following address:

West Development Office,

Civil Engineering and Development Department

9/F, Sha Tin Government Offices, 1 Sheung Wo Che Road, Sha Tin, New Territories

Please mark ‘“Living with Blue-green” Drawing Competition’on the envelope.

**Late Entries will not be accepted.



  •  14 December 2021: Application Deadline
  • 16 – 22 December 2021: Online Voting of “Most-liked Artwork”
  • 1st quarter of 2022: Award Ceremony & Announcement of Competition results

Terms and Conditions

  • The Entries once submitted will not be allowed for editing, replacement or return.
  • The Entries (including the picture, the name and elaboration) are original work created by the Participant.
  • The Entries should not contain any material including criminal, violent, obscene, indecent, libel, defamatory, privacy invasive, threatening, objectionable, any controversial and inappropriate content, otherwise the organise has the right to disqualify any entrant without prior notice.
  • All Entries shall remain anonymous during the whole evaluation proces. Names or marks showing the Participant’s identity should not be shown on the Entries (including the descriptions of not more than 30 words in Chinese or English). Participants shall not disclose, exhibit or publicise the submitted Entries in any form before announcement of the Competition results.
  • By submitting an Entry for the Competition, Participants are deemed to give an irrevocable perpetual license to the Organiser to use, edit, modify or copy the submitted Entry for any purposes, including but not limited to publish, print, exhibit, display, promote, issue or any other purposes as the Organiser considers appropriate, whether in Hong Kong or other places, in public and/or by means of publication and printings, web pages, electronics and other means, without prior consent of the Participants or payment any royalty / remuneration to the Participants.
  • The entries, together with title and synopsis of the entries, will be uploaded to website for public viewing and voting.
  • Entrants are to abide by the organiser’s decision, wihich shall be final, on all matters relating to the Competitions. This includes the right to interpret, amend, cancel or suspend the terms and conditions, prizes and other arrangements of the Competition without prior notice.
  • All winners are required to provide his/her Hong Kong Identity Card, student ID card or any other valid documents for verification purposes.
  • Any Participant who does not abide by the rules, requirements or conditions as set out in the competition may result in disqualification from the Competition. The decisions of the Organiser shall be final and binding on all parties concerned, and shall not be disputed or appealed.

For detailed Terms and Condition, please refers to the Competition Document on this website.


Email: drawing@hsknda.hk

Tel: 2908 4560