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Background of the HSK NDA Study


The Territorial Development Strategy Review first proposed the strategic growth areas in the NWNT

End 1997

Commenced the “Planning and Development Study on NWNT”, which identified the HSK area as a potential NDA to cater for long-term development needs of Hong Kong


The “Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision and Strategy” Study recommended proceeding with the NDAs in HSK and the North East New Territories (NENT) to address long-term housing demand and provide employment opportunities


2007-08 Policy Address announced the planning of the NDAs in HSK and the NENT as one of the ten major infrastructure projects for economic growth

End 2010

Conducted Stage One Community Engagement (CE) 1st Round prior to the launch of the HSK NDA Study to discuss the key issues and community vision for the NDA

Mid 2011

Commissioned the HSK NDA Study

End 2011

Conducted Stage One CE 2nd Round to solicit views on the overall vision of the NDA

Mid 2013

Conducted Stage Two CE to seek public’s views on the Preliminary Outline Development Plan (PODP)

Mid 2015

Conducted Stage Three CE to gauge public views on the Recommended Outline Development Plan (RODP)

September 2016

Promulgated the Revised RODP