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List of Awardees


Thank you for the supports and participations of all the schools, all the students, the judging panel, District Councils and Rural Committees:

Judging Panel:


Ms. Iris Hoi, Past President of Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects


Dr. Peter Cookson SMITH, Vice President (Professional Development) of Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design


Ms. Maxim Tang, Honorary President of Hong Kong Association of Illustrators for Children’s Books


Mr. NG Shun Kit, Committee Member of Hong Kong Society for Education in Art


Mr. Lau Shing Cheong, Edwin, Assistant Director /Operations & Maintenance of Drainage Services Department


Mr. Chung Lok Chin, Chief Engineer of West Development Office of Civil Engineering and Development Department

District Councils and Rural Committees:


Yuen Long District Council


Tuen Mun District Council


Ha Tsuen Rural Committee


Ping Shan Rural Committee


Tuen Mun Rural Committee